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Electricity departments of Baku city

Binagadi district:
 9-th micro area, Aydin Mamedov st.,10,
 phone: (+99412) 563-14-44, 561-64-23, 561-95-63
fax: (+99412) 563-11-09

Garadakh district:
Lokbatan settlement, 28-th of May st.,21,
phone: (+99412) 445-28-28, 445-81-15
fax: (+99412) 445-81-15

Narimanov district:
Ashig Molla Juma st.,34
phone: (+99412) 465-85-15, 465-85-14, 465-85-13,465-85-12,465-85-18

Nasimi district:
Jeyhun Salimov st.,19
phone: (+99412)  565-05-91, 565-05-92, 565-05-93

Nizami district:
Shirin Mirzoyev st.,77
phone: (+99412) 421-10-26

Sabail district:
Boyuk Gala st. (Old city),51
phone: (+99412) 492-61-79

Sabunchi district:
Bakikhanov settlement, Khalilbekh Khasmamedov st.,3B
phone: (+99412) 425-45-21

Surakhani district:
Garachuxur settlement, Kerem İsmailov st.,1
phone: (+99412) 427-88-89, 427-93-15

fax: (+99412) 447-80-79

Khazar district:
Mardakyan settlement, Ramil Gasimov st.,10
phone: (+99412) 454-35-65, 454-42-92
fax: (+99412) 454-40-76

Khatai district:
Rahib Mamedov st.,4
phone: (+99412) 371-59-01

Yasamal district:
Sharifzadeh st., area 3150
phone: (+99412) 565-05-91, 530-18-61



About "Azerbaijan Scientific-Research & Design-Prospecting Power Engineering Institute" Ltd.



Ltd. "Azerbaijan Scientific-Research and Design-Prospecting Power Engineering Institute» (Ltd. "AzSR&DPPEI") have been created by association of three institutes working in structure of OJSC "Azerenerji": research and two design. 
The association purpose consisted in optimization of structure of management, approach of the scientific and design works which are carried out by institute, to problems of development and functioning of system of electric power industry of the Azerbaijan Republic. 
At institute the design, scientific and general divisions which number makes 310 employees function.

Stages of development of the Azerbaijan Scientific-Research and Design-Prospecting Power Engineering Institute (scientific part)

Scientifically-design activity of Institute (former «the Azerbaijan Scientific Research Power Institute») 
Azerbaijan Scientific-Research Power Institute has been organized on the basis of created in 1933 year in a city of Baku, Sector of Power of the Azerbaijan branch of Academy Sciences of the USSR.

Activity Sector of Power was conducted in following directions: 
* studying of hydropower resources of republic and working out of methods of their effective utilization in a power supply system;
* research of special modes of a power supply system and working out of methods of their calculation; 
* the decision of problems of automation and power support of a petroleum industry; 
* thermodynamics research quasiideal gases, oil carbohydrates and the generalized equations of a condition of their fractions.   
In 1941 year the Power Sector has been transformed by the decision of Ministerial council of the USSR to the Azerbaijan Scientific-Research Power Institute of Academy Sciences of Azerbaijan (AzSRPI). 
At this time research works by an estimation hydro-and windenergetics resources and to their effective utilization, studying of structure of a power supply system and its communication with power supply systems of Southern - Caucasian republics and under the decision of problems of power support of a petroleum industry were spent. The further researches have been connected with building of powerful power stations and the electric mains which necessity was defined by creation of large industrial centers and actual problems of development of a power supply system of republic.  
In 1963 year the Power Institute has been placed under the authority the Department of Energy and Electrification of the USSR and renamed into the Azerbaijan Scientific-Research Power Institute named I.G.Esmana. 
The scientific subjects of Institute during this period were defined by branch scientific programs and all-union bodies of the Government of the USSR. Researches were spent in following directions:  
* working out of fuel and energy balance and development on its basis of priority branches of a national economy (the industry, agriculture, household services etc.);
* application of electronic computers and new methods, management of complex modes of power supply systems on the basis of modern methods of modeling; 
* creation of devices and information-measuring systems on the basis of new electrochemical principles;
* thermophysical researches and research of heat exchange of steam and water; 
* research of features of use of salty and sea water on thermal electric stations; 
* working out of methods of increase in reliability of the power equipment on the basis of new methods of restriction of currents of short circuit; 
* working out of effective protective systems of high-voltage transmission lines from a lightning;
* researches on environment protection;
* use of sources of renewed energy (a wind power and geothermal thermal sources); 
* Working out of effective protection of environment from influences of high-voltage electric lines.

After disintegration of the USSR and finding of independence by the Azerbaijan republic (1992 year) AzSR&DPPEI began to function as the independent scientific organization. The basic directions of scientific researches spent now are defined by a problem of support of a production efficiency and energy consumption, economic and technical problems of development and functioning of electro power branch of the Azerbaijan Republic.  

Division «Designing of power stations» (earlier - institute"BakuHydroProjects") 

Institute “BakuHydroProjects” has been created in July of 1945 year by the decision of the National Commissariat of power stations of the USSR for working out of design-budget documents in connection with renewal of building of Mingachaur hydroelectric station. 
Being unique in region research-and-production structure in the field of electric power industry, the Institute has saved up a wide experience in this sphere also has strengthened the numbers skilled experts that has allowed to extend sphere of the activity for limits of republic and to make working out of complex projects of hydroknots for a number of the countries. 
On the basis of the projects developed at Institute, in Azerbaijan hydroelectric stations (HYDROELECTRIC POWER STATION) have been constructed and placed in operation: Mingachaur, Varvara, Shamkir, Tartar, Yenikand, together with Iran - hydroknots Araz and Mil-Mugan, and also main channel Mugan and HYDROELECTRIC POWER STATION in Iran, Chir-Yuurd №1 and №2, Chirkay and Ergebil, Thak-Ba and the HYDROELECTRIC POWER STATION Hoa-bin - in Vietnam, etc. Listed powerful hydroconstructions and doing today the leading part in economy of these countries.  
At institute “BakuHydroProjects”, except aforementioned complex projects of hydroknots, some schemes have been developed.  
Among them - «Energetics part» «Head scheme of protection and use of water resources of Azerbaijan», «Schemes of complex use of an average part of the river the Kur», «Schemes of use of water resources of the river Sulak», «Schemes of use of water stocks of the river Araz», «Schemes of placing of hydrostorage and hydroelectric stations in republic Azerbaijan», «Schemes of protection and complex use of water resources of sources of the river the Kur», etc. 
For the purpose of definition of the objects which building is necessary in Azerbaijan first of all, including for support of use of potential of small energetics, experts of Institute develop projects: «the Technically-economically motivies on the basic directions of development of small energetics» and «the Program of development of water-power engineering in the Azerbaijan republic». 
In first half 80-s' of the last century the Institute had been executed contract designs of hydroknots Hudafarin and Giz-Galasi which should be constructed on the river Araz according to the project «Scheme of complex use of water resources of the river Araz».  
These projects have been considered and confirmed by the official organizations of the former Union and Islamic Republic Iran.
Now employees of Institute, according to the making in 1992 year with IIR the bilaterial contract, work over sketches of the hydraulic engineering equipment for water resources Hudafarin and Giz-Galasi - the rivers Araz in territory of Iran.    
In 1990-2004th years at institute "Бакугидропроект" projects of hydroknots as in territory of Azerbaijan (Tovuz, Mil, Vaykhur, Arpachay, Ordubad), and in other countries (in Lithuania - Kaysador, in Moroco - Kudial-El Porpha) have been developed and handed successfully over the customer. For republic Vietnam the project of modernisation of the equipment of hydroelectric stations Thak-Ba has been developed and in due time put in operation. 
Experts of institute “BakuHydroProjects” in the contract with Corporation «Ardabil Regional Water Economy of East Azerbaijan of Islamic Republic Iran» throughout 10 years work on hydroknots of irrigational appointment under construction there: (Nakhand, Param, Ushtula, Akhar, Yamchi, Asabshir, Vaniyar, Tadj-Yar, on channels Jamchi №1 and №2), a water dam on a site of Tabriz Agriport, and also perform geologic-prospecting works on dams Hurramdarag, Merkid, Sakhan. 
Now cooperation of institute with foreign countries proceeds. From 1995 year in the city of Tabriz institute “BakuHydroProjects” permanent mission works.  
In 1999 year employees of institute together with firm of Switzerland «ABB Poner Generation Ltd.» (Baden) have developed the project of technical modernisation physically and the obsolete equipment of the Baku thermal power station-1. The project of 1st block has been highly appreciated by foreign customers. In 2000 year it was entrusted to institute to develop the project of 2nd block with the same parameters.      
Set constructed under projects of institute and long time successfully maintained hydraulic engineering constructions, consecutive and persevering implementation of the developed projects, application of achievements of technical progress on the important objects of a national economy, economic benefit increase, and activity on economy of materials are an evident embodiment of special, "firm" style of the organization. 
In division 5 departments is functioning: 
1. Department of hydraulic engineering constructions and HYDROELECTRIC POWER STATION.
2. Design department.
3. Department of thermal power stations and thermal networks.
4. Department of building, architecture and the organization of works. 
5. Department electrotechnical and the process equipment. 
From 1997 year institute “BakuHydroProjects” is the adviser of the European Union for the program «TACIS». 
For international contacts in 1981 year the institute has been awarded a small monument «Gold Mercury», and in February of 2005 year for quality and new technologies - the International gold award «Arch of Europe». 
Division «Designing of electric networks and substations» (earlier - institute "EnergyNetProject")

Azerbaijan division of All-Union scientific-research institute "EnergyNetProjects" of former Ministry for the Power Generating Industry of the USSR has been created in 1963 year. In 1991 year on the basis of this division institute "EnergyProject" has been organized. 
In 1997 year on the basis of association of the Azerbaijan Scientific-Research Power Institute and Azerbaijan institute EnergyProject has been created Azerbaijan Scientifically - Research institute of power 
and power designing.  Former division of institute
"EnergyProject" works today as division
During the activity by division are executed over 4000 projects. The basic part of projects are civil-engineering designs of substations of open and closed types 330, 220, 110, 35 кV, 500-35 кV and projects of air and cable transmission lines. Among them it is possible to note «SS Industrial knot 220 кV» closed, «330 кV SS Khachmaz» opened types, «110 кV SS Sangachal», 500-330 кV AzSRES-Absheron AL », 220 кV Northern state district power station - Hovsan AL» 
Along with it in division projects of reconstruction of transmission lines and many existing substations have been developed. 
The division prefers use of the modern local and foreign equipment and closely co-operates with firms of Turkey, Iran, China, France, Germany and Russia. With firms of these countries joint projects have been executed some. 
In division "ElectroNetProject" 5 departments function: 
1. Department “Designing of substations” 
2. Department “Designing of electro transmission lines (LET)”. 
3. Department “Designing of networks of a low voltage”. 
4. Department “Designing of schemes of perspective development of power supply systems”. 
5. Department “Designing of systems of relay protection and automated management”.  
The largest objects designed by division, are listed more low:
* Tender documents 330/110/10 kV SS Khachmaz. 
* SS Sumgait Industrial Knot (220 kV with closed and 110 kV with distributive structures) 220/110/10.
* SS Nizami (220 kV with closed, 35 kV with distributive structures) 220/35/6 kV.
* SS Mushfig 220/110/10 kV.
* SS Imishli 330/230/110/35 kV. 
* Industrial knot Zabrat-Imishli 220 kV LET.
* LET Agstafa-Gadabay 110 kV.

The scheme of development of Apsheron’s power knot 110 kV and high voltage networks for 2009-2012 years, taking into account prospect till 2015 year.


Address: Hasanbey Zardabi av. 94, Baku. Az 1012
Phone:                                   +994 12 4328076
Fax:                                       +994 12 4328076
URL:                                                www.pei.az



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