"Azerenergy" JSC
hot line
: 186

"Baku electricity network" JSC
hot line:
(012) 4402921

Electricity departments of Baku city

Binagadi district:
 9-th micro area, Aydin Mamedov st.,10,
 phone: (+99412) 563-14-44, 561-64-23, 561-95-63
fax: (+99412) 563-11-09

Garadakh district:
Lokbatan settlement, 28-th of May st.,21,
phone: (+99412) 445-28-28, 445-81-15
fax: (+99412) 445-81-15

Narimanov district:
Ashig Molla Juma st.,34
phone: (+99412) 465-85-15, 465-85-14, 465-85-13,465-85-12,465-85-18

Nasimi district:
Jeyhun Salimov st.,19
phone: (+99412)  565-05-91, 565-05-92, 565-05-93

Nizami district:
Shirin Mirzoyev st.,77
phone: (+99412) 421-10-26

Sabail district:
Boyuk Gala st. (Old city),51
phone: (+99412) 492-61-79

Sabunchi district:
Bakikhanov settlement, Khalilbekh Khasmamedov st.,3B
phone: (+99412) 425-45-21

Surakhani district:
Garachuxur settlement, Kerem İsmailov st.,1
phone: (+99412) 427-88-89, 427-93-15

fax: (+99412) 447-80-79

Khazar district:
Mardakyan settlement, Ramil Gasimov st.,10
phone: (+99412) 454-35-65, 454-42-92
fax: (+99412) 454-40-76

Khatai district:
Rahib Mamedov st.,4
phone: (+99412) 371-59-01

Yasamal district:
Sharifzadeh st., area 3150
phone: (+99412) 565-05-91, 530-18-61



About Sumgait Technologies Park (STP)


Development of non-oil sector in our country is one of basic directions of the economical development conception of Azerbaijan founded by our nationwide leader Heydar Aliyev . Namely,  Since  70th years of the XX century,  the  foundation of the today's successes of our economy had been founded in the result of Heydar Aliyev's far-seeing and  wise policy.

As you know, " State Program on Socio - Economic Development of Regions of Azerbaijan (2004-2008)" with the decree by the President Of the Republic of Azerbaijan Mr. Ilham Aliyev, raised  the development of the regions to the priority directions standard of the state policy beginning the new stage in the development of our country.

The  new infrastructural projects  are also  implemented in the electroenergetics industry  as  other areas of the economy under the president of The Republic of Azerbaijan Mr. Ilham Aliyev's leadership. Sumgait Technologies Park (STP) is one of  such projects taking into consideration of the republic economy, as well as exceptional importance of the development of Sumgait city .


"Azenco" JSC fulfilling the economical policy of the state in this area implements the construction of the modern Industrial park (Sumgait Technologies Park) in the    H.Z.Tagiyev settlement, Sumgait city, assuming as a basis decrees and orders of the President of  Azerbaijan Republic Mr. Ilham Aliyev.

Intencive  large-scale construction - assembling in our republic,  bringing of the  European cutting-edge technologies and on the basis of them, for construction of the new plants and opening new work places,  Sumgait Technologies Park was constructed  in the territory of former TEC-2, H.Z.Tagiyev settlement, Sumgait city.


Production of the products of industry of electroenergetics and machine - building is intended in establishment on the basis of modern technologies. These products assume essential importance for the republic and possess export potential. This Industrial Park will consist of 17 factories and different of high quality products, including various type of  cables, transformers, high voltage equipments, hydroturbines, water pumps, electrical engines,  pipes, technical gases (argon, oxygen, nitrogen etc) will be manufactured.

The construction of  Sumgait Technologies Park was a cause of the opening of the hundreds of new work places and it will be support to the improvement of the social standard of life of the people in considerable extent including stimulate to the development of the economy in the future.


Address: Sumgait city. H.Z.Tagiyev settlement. AZ5022
Phone:                                           +994 12 4159714
Fax:                                               +994 12 4247067

URL:                                                        www.stp.az



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27 June, 2009 - In section of a site Activity / Projects is added article "Line analysis and quality assurance in the oil-and-gas industry ".


7 June, 2009 - On a site new maps (geological, wind, sun maps) are added…


4 June, 2009 - work under structure of new APESA site is completed…


Clean Energy
APESA has an experience in clean energy projects consulting & engineering.  For example, in 2004 design of first Wind Farm project in Absheron (near Baku) was completed & presented.

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