"Azerenergy" JSC
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: 186

"Baku electricity network" JSC
hot line:
(012) 4402921

Electricity departments of Baku city

Binagadi district:
 9-th micro area, Aydin Mamedov st.,10,
 phone: (+99412) 563-14-44, 561-64-23, 561-95-63
fax: (+99412) 563-11-09

Garadakh district:
Lokbatan settlement, 28-th of May st.,21,
phone: (+99412) 445-28-28, 445-81-15
fax: (+99412) 445-81-15

Narimanov district:
Ashig Molla Juma st.,34
phone: (+99412) 465-85-15, 465-85-14, 465-85-13,465-85-12,465-85-18

Nasimi district:
Jeyhun Salimov st.,19
phone: (+99412)  565-05-91, 565-05-92, 565-05-93

Nizami district:
Shirin Mirzoyev st.,77
phone: (+99412) 421-10-26

Sabail district:
Boyuk Gala st. (Old city),51
phone: (+99412) 492-61-79

Sabunchi district:
Bakikhanov settlement, Khalilbekh Khasmamedov st.,3B
phone: (+99412) 425-45-21

Surakhani district:
Garachuxur settlement, Kerem İsmailov st.,1
phone: (+99412) 427-88-89, 427-93-15

fax: (+99412) 447-80-79

Khazar district:
Mardakyan settlement, Ramil Gasimov st.,10
phone: (+99412) 454-35-65, 454-42-92
fax: (+99412) 454-40-76

Khatai district:
Rahib Mamedov st.,4
phone: (+99412) 371-59-01

Yasamal district:
Sharifzadeh st., area 3150
phone: (+99412) 565-05-91, 530-18-61



About Association

"Association of the power engineers and specialists of Azerbaijan" (APESA) - the representative of group of the industrial and design enterprises, the company leading in Azerbaijan specializing on small hydroelectric stations and local thermal power stations. The company incurs the full responsibility on management of the project, including development of engineering and investment, financial components. Effectively and precisely in time develops, carries out and hands over "on a turn-key basis" complex projects of alternative power.

The association involves in cooperation leading global companies - manufacturers of the utilities equipment which production on characteristics, and also on cost indexes allows to release power stations of various capacity, optimum on a ratio "price-quality".

In an active of our company one of the best in Azerbaijan engineering-design collective. For today by us it is realized over 20 projects in various areas of power (small and mikro hydro power plants, gas Internal-combustion engines generators, wind generators, independent and reserve power supplies).

The modularity or the project of accommodation is stipulated in. The additional options connected with a waste-heat recovery for its use in the economic and household purposes, are offered the consumer fuel preparation, special operating conditions.

We make examination of projects, we render consulting services on technologies saving up energy.

The complex approach including power inspections, program changeover of equipment, introduction of the modern automated technologies and development of actions of an energy conservation, service and development of investment schemes of financing, it will be used and in other regional programs.

The association renders expert and consulting services to foreign investors in the markets of Azerbaijan and neighbouring countries.


The association is the nongovernmental noncommercial organization uniting engineers and experts of power of the Azerbaijan Republic.

The founder and the general director is Rasul Suleymanov, the senior scientific employee of «Azerbaijan Scientific-Research and Design-Prospecting Power Engineering Institute» Ltd. (further - AzSR&DPPEI).


Activity of a society since 2002 under program TACIS has been connected with increase energy efficience manufactures and minimization of losses in electric branch circuits.

Also on attraction big work has been lead to Azerbaijan of the best practices in power of the developed countries. Seminars and presentations of such firms as were on a regular basis spent and spent: General Electric, Siemens, Scneider Electric, Wartsila, Emerson, Moeller, Janitra, Cooper Power Systems, ENSI, CKD, LovatoElectric, etc. the companies and firms.

Now negotiations are carried on and meetings with firms on manufacture of the equipment of small alternative power for equipment of houses and a countryside by solar panels and collectors, and also wind generators of low power for manufacture of the electric power and installation on artesian chinks are prepared.

Besides for the same year are planned preparation of working drawings for manufacturing on the simplified technology of microhydrounits and wind installations for the individual consumers living in mountains and foothill areas.

Also statutory acts and standards gather, search of new materials and the technologies which are available in the market, for improvement energy efficience the state and public buildings constructed in Soviet and during subsequent time is simultaneously conducted.

Address: Baku, Azerbaijan, AZ1000, 137 Nizami street
Phone:                           +994 12 594-98-50
                                     +994 12 498-02-98
Mobile:                           +994 50 225-91-08

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News & Highlights

27 June, 2009 - In section of a site Activity / Projects is added article "Line analysis and quality assurance in the oil-and-gas industry ".


7 June, 2009 - On a site new maps (geological, wind, sun maps) are added…


4 June, 2009 - work under structure of new APESA site is completed…


Clean Energy
APESA has an experience in clean energy projects consulting & engineering.  For example, in 2004 design of first Wind Farm project in Absheron (near Baku) was completed & presented.

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